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Altınel Hotel 8th Floor Competition Project 2nd Proposal
Ankara / Turkey , 2023

Altınel Hotel stands out as one of the pioneering modernist structures of its time with its raw concrete and golden anodized aluminum façade in Tandoğan Square, one of Ankara's prominent squares. Opened in 1984 as one of Turkey's first five-star hotels, the hotel had a swimming pool and sunbathing terrace on its rooftop. Over time, the area, which has been used for various functions and as a closed space on the 8th floor, has remained closed and idle for some time. It is at this point that the hotel management has decided to organize an invited architectural competition to elevate the spatial quality of the rooftop by refunctionalizing it and reviving its symbolic value in historical context.

The first proposal was previously submitted to the competition. The 1st Proposal can be reviewed under the project section titled "Altınel Hotel 8th Floor Competition Project 1st Proposal." This proposal was shortlisted based on jury evaluations. Following the notes of the jury evaluations, it has been requested to reconfigure the proposal to prepare a second proposal. As a result, this project proposal has been created.

4_11 - Foto copy.jpg

The open space design and the concept of operating the space as a café/urban park during the day and as digital art/performance/club during the night, as presented in the 1st Proposal, were positively received and requested to be further developed. For this purpose, it was requested to slightly increase the balance between open and closed spaces by favoring enclosed spaces considering the Ankara climate, and to resolve the issue of the vertical circulation element resembling an urban sculpture from outside within the interior space due to cost reasons.

While working on these suggestions, an approach has been proposed that clearly reads the intervention in the existing structure, strengthens its own symbolic aspect, and proposes an approach that can harmonize with the rational, monolithic, raw impact of the existing structure. 

Firstly, a fluid facade covering has been proposed for the shell rising from the structure and hosting technical devices to add dynamism to the building, increase its visibility from the surroundings with its inclined finish, and completely conceal the mechanical devices. Thus, the inactive outdoor unit appearance positioned on the core has been camouflaged.

3_2 - Foto copy.jpg

The 8th-floor core space has been divided into two parts: one side is proposed to be used as an art gallery, while the other side is suggested for restaurant/bar use. The plan has been set back as much as possible, aiming for a complete detachment of the proposal from the existing structure. 

The restaurant, which provides an open kitchen experience to users, aims to accommodate different events with its indoor and outdoor usage areas. The use of gradient glass panels on the restaurant facade ensures controlled daylight transition while maintaining the integrity of the building facade.

 Differentiated arms of the fluid facade covering create spaces that allow for different uses. The approach to preserving the dome that gives life to the main meeting room on the lower floor, as seen in the 1st Proposal, has been continued in this proposal as well. With the facade effect surrounding the dome, users are provided with digital art and performances both indoors and outdoors. The aim is to provide users with experiences through digital art on the exterior with pinpoint LEDs on the dome and through exhibitions featuring the works of different artists indoors throughout the year.

Project fact


Architectural design: R. Güneş Gökçek

Architectural office: rggA

Project team: Mehmet Özen , Osman Erdoğan

Employer: Altınel Hotel

Project date: 2023

Construction area: 1.250 m2

Static project: Adnan Tanfener

Model: Mehmet Özen

Project Gallery

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