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Altınel Hotel
Ankara, 2023

Altınel Hotel is located in Ankara's Tandoğan Square with its concrete facade and brass details. In the early years of the building, the most important feature that distinguished it from other buildings in its surroundings was the pool on the eighth floor, which hosted various events. The roof, which lost its function over time, was brought back into use upon the request of the client and transformed into a space that can be accessed independently from the hotel and offers different experiences.


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The redesign of the penthouse aims to create a modern and future-oriented design with minimal intervention without harming the existing functions. This redesigned rooftop has become a space that can be used at all hours of the day, accessible to everyone with its transformable space fiction and sculptural effect.

Utilities such as idle antennas that accumulate around the perimeter of the roof are hidden and perceptibility is enhanced by covering the core with a parametric mesh cover. The added sculptural staircase allows users to access the rooftop directly without going through the hotel lobby and represents dynamism in transportation with its layered structure. The view terrace created by covering the pool reinforces the effect of the view.

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During the day, the rooftop hosts an urban park and performing arts, while in the evening the conference hall dome allows the use of artificial intelligence technology. Irregular gridal platforms around the perimeter allow for different uses. The open space setup takes precedence over the use of the closed space and offers a transformable space that serves as a café during the day and a bar at night, where hotel customers and external visitors can access the space in a controlled manner with a card access system.

Project fact


Architectural design: R. Güneş Gökçek

Architectural office: rggA

Project team: Mehmet Özen , Osman Erdoğan

Employer: Altınel Hotel

Project date: 2023

Construction area: 1.250 m2

Static project: Adnan Tanfener

Model: Mehmet Özen

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