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Antalya Mixed Use
Antalya / Turkey  , 2024

Since the project is located on the axis used as Antalya Airport road and there are no similar buildings of this scale around it, it is aimed to become a trade center that will be preferred by the surrounding area. 

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Due to the narrow road facades of the land, instead of shops completely facing the road, an axis has been created where the surrounding users play an active role with the shops that form their own facade and the building-human relationship is made sustainable and the feeling of being on the street continues on the ground floor. With the street effect created on the ground floor, it is aimed to eliminate the differences between building and human scale.
Instead of advancing the users in a linear axis, spaces that support the axis created on the ground floor have been designed to increase the usage time of the users and to strengthen the basement-floor relationship. With these gaps, the connection between the shops on the ground floor and the shops on the first basement floor is provided and the basement floor is used as an open shopping mall.The shops on the ground floor form a base for the office masses. The silhouette effect of the office masses is increased with the terraces formed with the retreats made on the floors of the office masses.


In order for the user movement captured on the ground floor to continue on the 1st basement floor, the voids created undertake the task of connection. Three spaces were created as bottom, top and center. The space created in the center is designed as an area where the spaces created at the entrance and exit are knotted and transformed into an activity center. The space in the middle acts as an event center where users come together, sometimes with transformable spaces and sometimes with events such as concerts. It is aimed to disperse the users from the ground floor to the basement floors with the spaces created at the entrance and exit.

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On these 3 spaces, which seem to be separate from each other, the route that people will follow has provided unity with the connecting elements (eaves) that characterize its abstracted state. When considered as a form, the increase and decrease at the beginning and end represent human mobility, and the accumulation of people with the effect reminiscent of the dome in the middle.

Project fact


Architectural design: R. Gunes Gokcek

Architectural office: rggA 

Project team: Mehmet Özen , Osman Erdoğan , Mustafa Taşdemir

Project date: 2023

Land area: 13.521m2

Construction area: 55.000m2

Static project: Eren Sakçak 

Project  Gallery

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