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Antalya Headquarters 
Antalya / Turkey , 2023

With the expansion of the user's business lines in Antalya, the need for a headquarters arose. In this context, an existing building on the Antalya Ring Road was redesigned by preserving only its core. As a result of this redesign, a 7-storey office building with a façade different from the surrounding buildings has emerged, which has a unique façade design by placing aluminum profiles with different modules. The aluminum profiles also function as sun shades, increasing the indoor comfort of the building.

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The building has two underground floors. The second basement is reserved for channel 3, while the first basement is organized as a cafeteria and archive area. The upper floors are divided into open offices, closed offices and management offices. The open offices on the ground floor are extended up to the building's approach limit and a terrace is created above it. Marble is predominantly used in the building; marble was preferred as a primary material in the project due to the fact that the client owns a marble quarry.

The entrance of the building is emphasized with the use of a different material. This marble entrance canopy continues the language of the façade design, but differs in scale. New and different functions have been added to the building by raising the attic floor, which increases the use value of the building. This project represents an example of modern architecture combining functionality and aesthetics.
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Project Fact


Architectural design: R. Güneş Gökçek

Architectural office: rggA

Project team: Çiçek Su Yavuz , Fethi Cangir , Mehmet Özen , Çiğdem Şahinkaya , Osman Erdoğan , Eren Akavcı , Mustafa Taşdemir , Kerem Karabulut

Project date: 2023

Land area: 508 m2

Construction area: 1.707 m2

Electrical project: Promete Engineering

Mechanical project: MPM

Model: Çiçek Su Yavuz

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