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ASM Headquarters
Ankara / Turkey , 2024

ASM Group needed a larger headquarters and sales/promotion office due to the investment and contracting projects carried out in Turkey and abroad and the increase in the business lines in which it operates. In line with this need, structures including a sales office and various working areas were designed on a land of approximately 6.800 M2 fronting Etimesgut Boulevard.

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The composition created by the sales office, which stands out as a single independent structure on the boulevard front, and the office structures that form a backdrop for this building, also allows for different uses of open, closed, and semi-open outdoor spaces.

The tectonic effect of the masses has been reinforced with GFRC panels. Except for the sales office, the use of the same type of modular design enhances the effect of integrity, while the sales office stands out with its different facade language.

The elevation difference within the plot has allowed for two basement floors in the project, while a garden has been created at the back facade. This garden provides a pleasant recreation area for both office workers and visitors throughout the day. As part of ASM Group's energy investments, it is aimed to meet the energy needs of the headquarters with solar energy. Accordingly, PV panels of suitable sizes and integrated into the building design have been placed on the building terraces.

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Project facts


Office: rgg Architects

Year: 2024

Lead designer: Güneş Gökçek

Team: Çiçek Su Yavuz , Kerem Can Karabulut , Osman Erdoğan , Eren Akavcı , Mustafa Taşdemir

Construction Area: 5.758,25 sqm

Project Gallery

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