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ASR Apartments
Ankara / Turkey, 2018

ASR Houses were designed as two separate blocks in Yenimahalle district of Ankara. These two blocks, raised on a base with commercial functions on the ground floor, contain 65 (2 + 1) units on the upper floors. The masses, which are placed in a linear arrangement, break with a slight slope in the middle and form natural walkways with landscape in front of commercial units.

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-12-01 113159.png

The commercial units, proposed on two floors on the ground floor, give a façade in both directions and can be reached by a main corridor. The blocks are combined with a common landscape on the back façade and ground floor, creating their own natural garden. The facades are detailed by using bricks, metal and white-painted plaster to articulate and differentiate the overall mass. 

Project facts


Project name: ASR Apartments

Architect: rggA

Architectural design: R. Güneş Gökçek

Plot area: 5075,00 m2

Total construction area: 9831,34 m2

Program: Commercial and residential units

Location: Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey

Project Team: Mustafa Taşdemir, Ahmet Çağlar, Osman Kuran, Simgecan Çetinkaya, Ozan Burak Güzey

Project date: 2018

Structural Project: Moment Project - Eren Sakçak

Mechanical Project: Meda Project - Adem Özcan

Electricity Project: AÖF Elektrik - Özgür Dumanlıdağ

Project Gallery

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