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Beykoz City Villas 
Istanbul /Turkey , 2022

Beykoz City Villas: A Harmony of Modernity and Nature

Beykoz Kent Villas Project draws attention as a product of a design approach that blends modern architecture with the elegance of nature and aims to create aesthetic and functional living spaces. Located in Beykoz, one of the favorite areas of Istanbul, the project aims to offer its users a unique living experience by integrating the Bosphorus view into the interior spaces. The architectural vision of the project is based on the maximum reflection of natural landscapes to the houses and aims to establish a strong relationship with the outdoors with large terraces and large windows.

Spatial arrangements in the project have been meticulously made and various housing typologies are presented with blocks positioned at different elevations. A wide range of housing options such as garden and roof duplexes, twin and row houses, detached houses and apartment-type simplex houses offer solutions for every lifestyle. This diversity gives the project a rich spatial texture and provides flexibility to meet the different needs of the users.


Environmental sensitivity is one of the key elements of the project. Beykoz Kent Villas are designed in harmony with their surroundings and integrated with the natural landscape. Social facilities and open spaces are designed to increase social interaction. Details such as children's playgrounds, fixed seating areas and vegetable gardens add value to the project by enabling residents to live a life in touch with nature.



In terms of aesthetic approach, Beykoz Kent Villas project exhibits the best examples of modern architecture. The facades and mass arrangements of the building offer a remarkable and easy-on-the-eye density. When viewed from the sea front, the aesthetic harmony of the buildings and the careful design of every detail make the project unique. These details have been carefully planned to meet the aesthetic expectations of the residents and provide a comfortable life.

The project prioritizes the user experience and offers a variety of housing types to meet different needs. From large houses with spacious terraces and large terraces to lofts with private pools and closed garages, every detail combines comfort and aesthetics.

Project Fact:


Architectural design: R. Gunes Gokcek

Architectural office: rggA 

Project team:  Mustafa Taşdemir , Batuhan , İbrahim Ekinci

Project date: 2022

Land area: 508 m2

Construction area: 1.707 m2

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