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Bistro Table
Ankara / Turkey, 2018

Bistro Tables were designed as the first product aimed at melting the boundaries of architecture, interior, product and art installations of the rggA’s design philosophy.


The bistro tables, designed for different points of Ankara's coffee company “Coffee Capsule”, push the boundaries of both aesthetic and endurance with its smallest footprint and invisible slim legs. The bistro tables, which can be gathered in the minimum space in any place, keep the feeling of "rigidity" and "reliability" with their delicate structure provided at the highest level while creating the feeling of flying in the air. Thanks to the thinness and easy portability of the metal legs that carry the bird water contour surfaces, the bistro tables stand out with its ability to be stored in the smallest sections

Project facts


Project name: Bistro Table

Location: Ankara, Türkiye

Design date: 2018

Architectural office: rggA

Design: R. Güneş Gökçek

Project Gallery

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