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Gerdanlı Residence
Ankara / Turkey , 2023

In the project to be carried out in the lively district of Keçiören (Ovacık) in Ankara, it combines commercial vitality with high residential living. The structure features a commercial axis consisting of shops facing the bustling boulevard. Behind this commercial axis rises a residential building merging with urban landscaping. The heights of the ground-floor shops have been doubled, making the lobby more spacious and balancing the floor levels of the shops and apartments, thereby making the roof of the shops usable.


In the design of the Gerdanlı Residence project, a grid axis system supporting modularity was created to enable more efficient use of the designated building area by considering building setback distances. Two different typologies were achieved by horizontally and vertically placing the module created with the grid axis. Terrace areas were created by subtracting one module from the vertically arranged modules. These terraces not only provide isolated gardens for users and private spaces where they can enjoy the city views but also enhance visibility from the Yozgat Boulevard.

In high-rise buildings emerging due to the increasing population density, green areas lost due to increased ground occupancy are incorporated into living spaces with gardens created on the floors in this project.
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Project fact


Architectural design: R. Güneş Gökçek

Architectural office: rggA

Project team: Mustafa Taşdemir, Kerem Can Karabulut, Çiçek Su Yavuz

Employer: Gerdanlı

Project date: 2023

Land area: 5,000m2

Construction area: 19.690,89m2

Static project: Eren Sakçak

Electrical project: Emrah Güravşar

Mechanical project: Ebru Cengiz

Project Gallery

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