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Schematic Design Phase Services

Preperation and Preliminary Studies
Determining Building Programme
Determining Cost
Design Criteria Report
Schematic Design and Its Report

Design Development Phase Services

Construction Document Phase Services

Construction Projects
Bill of Quantities

Project Phase Consultant Administration

Infrastructure Projects
Geotechnical Projects
Structural Projects
Mechanical and Electrical Projects (MEP)
Low Current
Landscape Projects
Fire Consultancy, Fire Projects and Reports
Lighting Design Consultancy
Acoustic Consultancy
Wind Test and Simulations
Marketing and Sales Consultancy
Sales Documents
Architectural Models – Advertisement Models
3D Models and Animations

Bid Or Negotiation Phase Services

Determining Bid Methodology
Bid Documents
Bid Stage Administration
Reporting Stage and Results

Construction Phase Services

Construction Administration
Quality Administration
As-built Projects

Consultancy Services

Local Architect Consultancy regarding the local codes,
standards, construction technics, permits, Architect of Record Services.

Hotel Projects Consultancy

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