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Panaroma Residence
Ankara / Turkey , 2023

Our new residential project located in the Bağlıca neighborhood of Ankara, close to the Başkent University forest. This project aims to offer a life in harmony with nature by bringing together various housing typologies that meet all the requirements of modern life.
The project is located on a sloping terrain, which provides a harmonious transition between villas and high-rise buildings. The villas in the front row have direct access from the street, facilitating the daily lives of the users. These villas are designed in three different typologies, each responding to different living needs. The row villas are placed in accordance with the elevations of the land, providing both an aesthetic appearance and a functional use.

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The high-rise buildings in the project attract attention with their different apartment typologies. While the 7-storey building located close to the capital city forest has both 2+1 and 3+1 apartments, the 14-storey building in the same row consists of 4+1 apartments. This diversity offers solutions to suit the needs of families of different sizes. The high-rise buildings, with their facades facing the forest, offer residents a peaceful life with nature views, while also standing out with their modern architecture.

Throughout the project, the comfort of the users and a life intertwined with nature are aimed. The villas' own large gardens are designed as social and recreational areas for both children and adults. The tiered terraces not only offer residents and users the advantages of the outdoors, but also function as sun shades to protect them from the high sun rays in the hot summer climate.
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Project fact


Architectural design: R. Güneş Gökçek

Architectural office: rggA

Project team: Mustafa Taşdemir, Mehmet Özen, Çiçek Su Yavuz , Kerem Can Karabulut

Model : Mehmet  Özen

Project Gallery

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