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Delice Vocational High School
 Delice, Kırıkkale, 2017

Delice Vocational High School is located in the Delice District of Kırıkale on Kırıkkale-Çorum Road, in the North-East direction.The project was proposed for the same parcel after the decision of the former Vocational High School building to be destroyed due to earthquake risk. The land can be described as an area with single-storey low-rise residential buildings, by keeping itself as far back as possible and not noticeable from the existing city fabric. The 6-meter slope, which ties lightly to the back of the parcel from the road connecting the land, clearly determines the new form of the structure and the functional layout.

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In this regard, the design proposal of rgg Architects produces a building block that connects the two ends of the city and harmonizes the city on its own scale, instead of a traditional school typology producing a single high volume and distributing its functions within this vertical volume. The architectural approach targeted here predicts that the building will turn from a top elevation to a new pedestrian flow connected to the lower part, will propose an urban "sheltered courtyard", and a modestly constructed building language, by turning into a truly living school structure.The architectural style of the building is "modest" enough to be unnoticed in the city, but it is as strong as it is with its reasonable and working urban space.

There are classes on the ground floor and intermediate floors of the blocks ending at 3 floors and spreading in the L-form, the cafeteria located on the top floor and connecting the classes is enriched with the green terrace on its floor and maintains its relation to the upper level. Thus, the building will be a natural part of the upper city, as well as the city terrace and this terrace will be opened with an amazing vista to make every point of the school livable. The multipurpose hall and technical volumes of the school are located in the basement floor. The whole building forms a "modest" language by being covered with gray bricks and used floor-to-ceilign glass on the façades.
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Project facts


Project name: Delice Vocational High School

Location: Delice, Kırıkkale, Turkey

Date: 2017

Site area: 6,825 m2

Project construction area: 3,873 m2

Design: R. Güneş Gökçek

Project team: Mustafa Taşdemir, Ahmet Çağlar, Osman Kuran, Yasin Kurmuş, Ozan Burak Güzey 

Construction start date: 2018

Expected construction completion year: 2019 

Project Gallery

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