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Philosophy & Methodology


We see architecture as a problem that must be resolved in terms of very complex factors, and a kind of cultural expression, far from creating a functional, aesthetic and a solid structure. 

We begin our project processes by identifying the right questions. We are in pursuit of a good architecture with answers we search for these questions, and sometimes even with interrogations left as problematic. Throughout this journey, we put excessive emphasis on such concepts as context, functionality, simplicity, innovation, sustainability, and ecology.


We compare the design processes to rubick cubes. Investor (client), operator, user, engineering requirements, architectural concerns, local and international norms that you must follow represent a face of the cube. The problem is solved by all colors collecting to one side. Our duty, as architects, is to most properly analyze requirements in contradiction to one another at times, and provide the technical support needed for successful implementation of the projects.

Producing proper organization and cooperation has great contribution in the success of the project. Therefore, we integrate the employer, end users, consultants, engineers, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers, into the design process. We obtain the right information from the right people and evaluate them from an upper scale, and reflect them into the design.

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