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Korean War Memorial and Visitor Center
 Lüleburgaz / Turkey, 2019

Lüleburgaz Korean Memorial and Visitor Center project was proposed in 2019 within the scope of the architectural competition project organized by Lüleburgaz Municipality.


The competition invited projects set within the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Engineering in accordance with the existing zoning plans, established relations with the city center, reflecting the designs that will contribute to the identity of the city, contributing to the quality of urban life, supported by environmental designs, open and green areas, human-nature relations. The competition also asked for design schemes within the scope of the project to propose contemporary and economic solutions, promoting the fine arts and develop original ideas in this manner.

The project proposal of rggA were developed with fragmented architectural language interpreted by the existing landscape area, and a special topographic tectonic with a holistic approach that does not harm the urban fabric of the project. The program units and pedestrian access scheme, which are broken in places and hidden under the envelope of a green texture and flowing from certain points to the city, were achieved on strengthening the relationship of the project area with the city.

The building program is enriched by adding functions to support more frequent use of space in everyday life. Additional functions suggested in the program are: Puson pier, rowing team club, chess club, common mind platform.

The sub-functions related to the organization of the structure program are the peace park, trenches, peace road, respect wall, peace square (memorial and ceremonial area), peace lantern (memorial), indoor activity venue and exhibition area, administration, hall of honor, library, tea and coffee hall and parking lot.


Detailed information can be accessed from the Architectural Competition Report.

Project facts


Project name: Lüleburgaz Korean War and Memorial Visitor Center Architectural Competition Project

Architect: rgg Architects

Location: Lüleburgaz, Turkey

Client: Lüleburgaz Municipality

Design date: 2019

Images: rggA

Project team


R. Güneç Gökçek, Project Leader, Architect 

Jihat Bozarslan, Architect

Belemir Dalokay, Landscape Architect 

Tuğrul Hocaoğlu, Landscape Architect 


Consultants: Gökhan Tunç, Civil Engineer



Ahmet Çağlar, Architect 

Simgecan Çetinkaya, Architect 

Ozan Burak Güzey, Visualization

Simtaç Hocaoğlu, Landscape Architect

Project Gallery

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