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1000 Kişilik Cami
 Turkey ,  2019

The 1000-people mosque project was proposed within the scope of "Mosque Design Idea Competition" organized by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. The aim of the competition is to provide the sharing of ideas about the mosque, which is a place of worship of Islam, with a focus supported by various side functions.


rggA's project is proposed as a method of thinking and designing methodology rather than a general typology or a repeatable project type. Despite the simplicity of rggA's proposal in its functional solution, it interrogates the concept of a mosque problem to open up the discussion of how a mosque should be handled as a multi-layered concept.

You can read the details of the project from the architectural competition report.

Project facts

Project name: İki Pınar Mosque

Location: Çayyolu, Ankara, Turkey

Architects: rgg Architects

Design: R.Güneş Gökçek

Year: 2019

Project team: Simge Çetinkaya, Ahmet Çağlar, Ozan Güzey

Client: Two Pinar Mosque Association

Site area: 3800m2

Construction area: 400 m2

Expected start of construction: 2020

Expected completion of construction: 2022

Project Gallery

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