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Bestekar Concert Hall
Ankara / Turkey, 2018

The entrance design of a concert hall can be one of the most challenging projects that force an architect to strengthen the connection between space and street. Ultimately, the notion of a scale that is not easily perceived in the present situation, but at the same time the notion of being attractive, inviting, or features that make an object distinctive, will be the basic parameters that re-question the design decisions. The design of an entrance of concert of hall, situated in Ankara's Bestekar Street, addresses such a problem.

entrance view.jpg

The venue of the concert hall is located below the street level, so the stairways that can be considered quite large or perhaps turned into spaces should reach us into the concert hall at the slowest pace. This is where the real interface turns into a space. The moving system on the front facade of the circulation stairways is sufficient for the impression of what kind of a space we will encounter inside. This structure, which is sometimes opened or covered more, is composed of colored polycarbonate panels. As these panels form its own façade configuration in their own rhythm, it can be a measure of how an entry is defined in a reasonable scale. Behind the panels, the artistic illustrations appearing vaguely and drawn on the wall are sufficient to invite the user to the space. In front of this visual show, the large staircases designed on the blind side of the building will occasionally host preliminary events that can take place in this entrance space. The design of the entrance of Bestekar Concert Hall can be considered as a design problem, which shows an entry can also be a space to spend time and move, not to rely solely on a circulation action.

Project facts


Project name: Bestekar Concert Hall

Architecture office: rgg Architects

Location: Bestekar Street, Ankara, Turkey

Program: The design of entrance of Concert Hall 

Date: 2018

Project Gallery

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