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rggA Art Trip

As rggA Architecture Office, we organized a technical tour in Istanbul. Our tour route was designed both artistically and architecturally as Istanbul Modern, Painting and Sculpture Museum, AKM. 

Istanbul Museum of Modern Arts

Istanbul Modern, Turkey's first modern and contemporary art museum, opened its new building on May 4. We had the opportunity to experience the spirit of the building and examine the architect's touches. We also had the opportunity to visit the exhibitions. 


Museum of Painting and Sculpture

We had the chance to see and get detailed information about the paintings, sculptures and original prints of Turkish and world artists in the collection of the Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture.


Ataturk Culture Center

We organized a tour to the new Atatürk Cultural Center Building accompanied by the AKM project manager from Tabanlıoğlu Architecture. During this tour, we learned about the renovation stages of the building and how the old and new versions are blended. We also had the chance to visit the additional buildings and functions.

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