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Coffee Capsule Unit
Ankara / Turkey, 2018

The Coffee Capsule unit was designed for different branches of coffee company “Coffee Capsule”, which serves in Ankara's different locations such as METU and Bilkent University.


With its easy-to-build, easily dismountable and reinstallable feature, this unit is an example of how a commercial unit can be minimized with a minimum footprint on the earth. The prefabricated unit, which looks like a container, and does not look like a commercial unit with its wooden wavy panels wrapped around its facade, transforming itself into a mass that brightens itself like a "light coil" at night when the panels act like a curtain. This commercial container, which struggles to be indeterminate and indefinite, also stands out with its ability to differentiate and function according to its place.

Project facts


Project name: Coffee Capsule Unit

Location: METU, Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey

Design year: 2018

Architectural office: rggA

Design: R. Güneş Gökçek

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