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Landmark ASM
Ankara / Turkey  , 2016

Located in Yapracık district of Ankara, the project area is facing Ankara Periphery Road. In the land with a large city view, and about 25m elevation difference, there are 394 4 + 1 apartments and 54 2 + 1 apartments, together with shops on 10.000m2 area supporting it. 2 + 1 apartment blocks that are pulled back by being terraced create a sheltered courtyard, and arrangements that comply with urban form concept have been proposed in common green terraces for the use of housing. 2 blocks rising as 4 + 1 blocks, all apartments are positioned so that they face the city view.

Project facts


Office: rgg Architects

Year: 2020 

Lead designer: Güneş Gökçek

Team: Ahmet Çağlar, Batuhan Türkay, Mustafa Taşdemir, Ozan Güzey, Buğra Topa

Construction Area: 8.900sqm

Proje Galerisi

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