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Ostim Home-offices
Ankara / Turkey, 2017

The project land is located immediately at the beginning of the Uzay Çağı street. Fronting the Ostim boulevard due to its location, the land has independent units to be used as a total of 200 home-offices, 120 of which is of 68m2 area, 80 of 50m2 area. There are shops fronting the road under the block. 

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There are shops fronting the road under the block. Behind the shops facing the road, there are approximately 4-floor parking garage and plant rooms. Shops and parking lots located behind the shops constitute the basis for both home-office block and an artificial topography. Construction Phase is scheduled to second half of the 2017.

Projects facts


Project name: Ostim Home-offices

Architectural office: rggA 

Design team: Mustafa Taşdemir, Ahmet Çağlar

Location: Ostim, Ankara

Client: Asm Grup 

Program: home-ofis units, retail units, parking area

Site area: 6,000m2

Total construction area: 22,000m2

Project date: 2017

Start of construction: 2017

Project completion date: 2019

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