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21 Culture Principles


We are deeply passionate about architecture, art, our work, and success.


We deliver every task with the highest quality. Throughout the process, our work, interim deliveries, and final submissions adhere to defined quality policies and standards at a level beyond compliance. We present professionalism and elegance that demonstrate a sensitivity to quality.


We focus not only on the final product but also on the process. We strive to ensure that processes are smooth, developmental, educational, and enjoyable for our clients and team members.


We devote all our thoughts, energy, and attention to the success of whatever task we are undertaking. Our clients know they will receive the most suitable design to achieve their goals.


Punctuality is paramount to us. We never delay in project interim and final deliveries, appointments, or providing any requested information or assistance. We understand that delays can be costly for everyone involved, and we expect the same respect for our time. However, time pressure never serves as an excuse to compromise our cultural values.


Our clients know they will achieve their targeted success within their planned budget.

Artistic Approach

We approach every task with an artistic perspective. Our deliveries, writings, publications, regardless of their importance level, are crafted with the meticulousness of an artwork. Our designs must be artistic regardless of their scale or subject matter, deriving their uniqueness, simplicity, and originality from their context.


Thorough analysis and research are the starting points of our work. A good research process is essential for our success. We start the process of improving the new by delving into multidimensional and in-depth research. We explore and analyze employer needs, stakeholder priorities (clients, rights holders, users, urban dwellers), land data, legal regulations, technological innovations, past experiences related to the subject, current approaches, and technological developments.


We are a team member and a team leader. We do everything necessary to keep the team together and ensure its success. We focus on collaboration and always offer solutions. We are flexible while working, and we don't hesitate to change our approach if it's not working. When needed, we ask for help, and we don't hesitate to provide assistance when asked.


Everyone we communicate with knows we speak the truth. No one doubts that our work is accurate and purposeful. We make efforts to correct any situations we find incorrect. Everyone we affect—our clients, colleagues, project teams, rights holders, users, urban dwellers—knows that we act for the common good and win-win principle.

Ethical Values

We are conscious of the common ethical values of humanity and our profession, and we approach our family, colleagues, peers, and others with this consciousness. We act in accordance with common values. We are known for taking the correct position in any work we undertake without entering into conflicts of interest. If we sense a situation where someone might be harmed, we immediately report it.


We are aware of our responsibilities. We are responsible to ourselves, our families, our company, our clients, and our colleagues. We are responsible to humanity with the projects we produce. We are responsible in proportion to our duties for their robustness, functional solutions, sensitivity to resources, personal and public health, and aesthetics.


We are always in open communication with everyone. We are sincere in our communication. Everyone we communicate with knows that we speak the truth, and if there is any situation we are not satisfied with, we will express it in an appropriate manner without delay, where the relevant parties are present. We do not compromise on courtesy when doing so.


We use our time efficiently. We adhere to our work plan, take precautions where deviations may occur, and work with focus. In an age where there are many distractions, our most important weapon is our ability to work focused, free from distractions.


We understand the system established by our company. Being within the system gives us confidence, and when there are shortcomings in this system, we provide the necessary feedback to improve it. We are part of a system that evolves according to changing conditions, and we also do our best to contribute to the development and sustainability of the system.

Continuous Improvement

We have a deep desire to always do our best and are open to developing ourselves in this direction. In addition to professional development, we also value personal development. We strive for the development of our company alongside our individual development.


We are fully responsible for all our actions and their consequences in both our professional and personal lives, as well as for everything we possess. We are responsible for what we do, and we know that in order to change something, we must first change ourselves.


We approach life in a balanced manner, considering that spiritual, social, physical, and family matters are as important as financial and intellectual matters. We prioritize our work and most important tasks first, so we allocate quality time and resources for ourselves, our families, and of course, renewal.


We appeal to emotions. Our projects appeal to people's emotions, and our way of doing business appeals to our clients' emotions. We understand how people need to feel and ensure they leave with that feeling.




We are grateful individuals. We express thanks and show our appreciation frequently in various ways. As a result, those around us know how grateful we are for everything and everyone in our lives. We celebrate the successes of ourselves, our clients, and our team members. We strive for ourselves and others to do the right things.

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