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Sunlife Housing Project
Istanbul / Turkey , 2015

The project land is located at Yayla neighborhood of Tuzla, at a point relatively close to the port side. It is surrounded by a 6-storey classic apartment blocks. In the area where the current zoning conditions force a 2-block settlement in the area, it is aimed to build a common area defined by a single long block. In this common area pulled back, and with more space between it and the Street, this common area has also become a comforting space clearing the way for the blocks behind and the streets, from the perspective of street. The openness of the western direction due to altitude and the zoning plan allows for the formation of a garden preserving its relationship with the sea even on the ground floor.

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The garden is sheltered from the effects of the north and has south facing. The long building block is consisted of two blocks with 3 apartments on one floor and 2 apartments on the other floor. In the building where at least two living spaces such as kitchen and living room face the south facade and the scenery, there are a total of 32 apartments, 7 of which is roof, and 5 apartments with garden.

Overall, the conveyor system of the building covered with dark grey glass mosaic material is coated with white glass mosaic, creating the main facade of the building on a grey background. The secondary vertical elements added to the large glassy surfaces are used to reinforce the frame effect, creating movement. Other dominant elements on the building are wooden elements in the balcony parapets and the clamped metal roof.


Construction was completed in mid 2017

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Project facts

Architectural Design: R.Güneş Gökçek

Architectural office: rggA 

Project team: Çağrı Çağır, Hazal Uçak, Mustafa Taşdemir, Yasemin Korkmaz, Yusuf Geneş 

Client: Yılmaz İnşaat 

Project date: 2015 

Construction date: 2015 

Land area: 3.474 m2 

Construction area: 5.400 m2 

Structural project: Statek Mühendislik 

Electricity project: Fatih Aydoğdu, Hasan Coşkun 

Mechanical project: Ak Proje 

Project Gallery

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