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Thermopile Production Center
Ankara / Turkey, 2018

Thermopile Production Center is proposed as a micro production unit in Lalahan district of Ankara, meeting the demanded capacity of TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) in this department. 


The building is located on the Lalahan campus where the TUBITAK SAGE building is located. Although the program functions of the building are solved in a very small area, the proposed design is aimed to change the natural environment of new working spaces with new production and storage functions. The new Thermopile Production Center consists of offices, production areas, storage and laboratory areas. The design of the interior spaces has been solved by a flexible arrangement to meet the changing and increasing demands in the office areas. The program functions of the building also reflect the outer expression, identity and architectural language of the new production unit. The simple volume on a reasonable scale, the fragile balance between the cold and hot materials used in the building, clearly shows that the building is a mere industrial structure. The design of the interior is reflected on the facade configuration. The openings, designed so as not to damage the function of the storage and production areas, are also designed to take the daylight at the highest level into the building. The cold expression of the metal shell, which completely wraps the building, is softened with brick material used on the front and rear facades.

Project facts


Project name: Thermopile Production Center

Land area: 1010 m2

Construction area: 857 m2


Location: Lalahan, Ankara, Turkey

Project start year: 2018

Project completion year: 2018

Program: Office, production, storage, laboratory areas

Architectural Design: Ragıp Güneş Gökçek

Architectural team: Mustafa Taşdemir, Ahmet Çağlar, Simgecan Çetinkaya, Osman Kuran, Ozan Burak Güzey

Structural project: Eren Sakçak

Electrical project: Serhat Sarı

Mechanical project: Adem Özcan

Project Gallery

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